Waterproof phone booth

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★★★★★ (4.8/5)


Waterproof Phone holder, 180° rotatable!

 Like to take your phone with you in the shower? After a long day you can watch Netflix, listen to music, send emails and much more in the shower!



 ✅ Freedom for your hands

The wall mounted shower stall holder is a good companion for you to enjoy life, whether you are taking a bath or cooking, it can free your hands and protect your device at the same time.



✅ Waterproof and anti-fog
Made of high quality ABS material, inline silicone seal, it can achieve 100% splash-proof. Enjoy movies, Tiktok, or others while bathing.



✅ 180° Rotatable Design
It supports switching between horizontal and vertical screens with 180° rotation and can be adjusted to a suitable angle to give you the best viewing angle.



✅ PET high-resolution touchscreen
The screen is made of a high-quality PET anti-fog film that is touch-sensitive and has 99% light transmission. Even if it fogs up in the shower, the image quality will not be affected and the phone can be operated precisely with wet hands.


✅ Use in multiple scenarios
Solid 360° full body protection, and the cover can be opened conveniently with one hand. It is a must for bathing in the bathroom, cooking in the kitchen, fitness, makeup, etc.



Wide compatibility
Compatible with phone models under 6.8 inches, suitable for almost all phone and tablet models on the market.